Implementing VPN

mallyg27mallyg27 Member Posts: 139
I know we have to implement it using the ASA and CCP, but do we have to know to do it from the CLI also?


  • rowelldrowelld Member Posts: 176
    Yes. For the exam and for the real world.

    Here's an objective from the blueprint:

    Implement an IOS IPSec site-to-site VPN with pre-shared key authentication.
    Verify VPN operations.

    Either way, it's good to know VPN implementation via CLI.
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    Hey Mally,

    Just wanted to ask you about this post now that you have CCNA Security. I have the new IINS book for CCNA Sec v2 and it does not cover site-to-site VPNs @ the CLI. However, It does cover their verification and monitoring. Would it be safe to say that the book is a good guide for the exam?

    Obviously I will need to learn it for the NP VPN exam, but I'm taking things piece at a time here.


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