Too early to talk about 70-689??

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Ever since I received my MCDST for XP, I have done the upgrade path, for Vista, fairly easy, passed on 1st Try, Windows 7, not so easy. With the interaction of Windows 7 and Server 08 questions, it was a slight difficult for me, not that 70-621 did not have any of those questions, I guess maybe I had more time to study, then I do now. Since 70-689 will cover the two Windows 8 exams, 70-687/688, have anyone that have taken either one of these exams, noticed a focus on Server 2008 or 2012?? I am just curious, I am looking at take this exam toward the end of the year. I am currently working on 70-686, (2nd attempt, end of Jan 2013) The focus on 2008 Server Admin, then looking to take 70-417, and then 70-689. Any comments would be appreciated.


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    I dont think it's too early to talk about it. I received a free voucher for the 70-689 a while back and still there is not exam material for this (been looking for months). This exam was released last week I believe so it's about time we get some material on this.
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    Free voucher?? How you get that?? I am looking to take 70-686 again at the end of February, if all goes well, I will move this this exam next. I was planning to study Server 2008 this year, but the single second shots are expiring on May 2013. Server 2008 second shot vouchers, expire at the end of the year. I have purchased these two book at

    MCSE/MCSA Windows 8 UPGRADE EXAM Exam 70-689 ExamFOCUS Study Notes & Review Questions 2012: ExamREVIEW: 9781481802048: Books

    MCSA: Microsoft Windows 8 Complete Study Guide: Exams 70-687 and 70-688: Darril Gibson: 9781118556870: Books

    Take a look.

    Plus the two individual book also, but not sure about getting those too.

    Exam Ref 70-687: Configuring Windows 8: Mike Halsey, Andrew Bettany: 9780735673922: Books

    Exam Ref 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8: Steve Suehring: 9780735676503: Books

    When I took 70-682, I had to get 70-680 and 70-685, because there was no books.
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    So I did not pass my 70-686 exam, I scored a 628, cannot believe it, but I had purchased a low cost voucher for my next exam and decide to tackle the 70-689 exam, problem that I am running into is the "lack" of study material. I had ordered two books from amazon but those will not be available until the beginning of may, so anyone took the exam and what did they use to study for it? Any information would be appreciated, I am currently reading the Windows 8 pocket consultant and a few other !Win 8 books, windows 8 secrets, windows 8 inside/out and step by step, I found that the step by step in informative, but only touches on end user use, which is good, but I have been working with Win 8 since beta, so it was a slight rehash. Well, if anyone has more information, please let me know, thanks.
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    For learning new stuff I like to use MVA, borntolearn, and jumpstarts. For windows 8 specifically: Windows 8 for IT Pros Jump Start, Licensing Windows 8, and Deploying Windows 8.
    I would also study the difference in windows rt vs. desktop/laptop/tablet with full windows on it (some of that is in the windows 8 secrets book you are reading). You should also have a basic understanding of what intune, office 365, and azure are and do. I'm sure Microsoft will have a little bit of cloud stuff on the test as well.
    I will be taking the test (070-689) this Friday and can let you know if there are any other topics I would recommend viewing. Hands on experience with all of the technologies is the best way to study in my opinion. I setup a bunch of trial accounts for the monthly payment items and have a Microsoft TechNet account for licensing.
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    Hey jeremylz, How did it go?? I have been checking to see if you posted anything?? Please let me know when you get the chance. Thanks.
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    Hi, Just completed my 70-680 & 70-685. The 685 was much easier than the 70-680. Still I would do the 70-680 first as there is more study material out there for that exam. So as I look to move to the 70-689, I noticed the exam books for the 687-688 are not out yet. I take it there will not be a upgrade book. Should I just chill for the summer and wait. Has anyone taken this test and if you have, want did you use for reference?
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    I was fortunate enough to pass the 70-689, got a 850 and 856 (2 scores as it had two sections).
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    You passed the exam with just the Jump Start videos? What else did you use? Also, how would you rate the exam in terms of difficulty?
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    I have been using windows 8 at my home for almost 7 months and at work for 3 months. I built servers to test deployment methods as well as azure builds. For the most part I take exams after going through jump starts about 3 times and working with all of the features listed on the test site.

    As for difficulty, moderate. Some questions were just to easy, others were tricky.
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    What do you think about just the 687 exam though !
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    In terms of the 687, it was about average in terms of the other Microsoft certification exams I have taken. Don't quote me on this but I think there was ~5-7 drag and drop type, ~5 pick all that apply, a few command line/PowerShell questions (2 or so) and the rest were pick the one correct answer type from what I remember.

    Please not I don't try to remember the question types or content so much as trying to pick the correct answer and look for "tricks" in the questions when reading them during the exam.
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    I took the 70-689 yesterday afternoon, I was really nervous as I knew that if I did not pass it, all the studying and reviewing would be a waste, since MS would be changing the exam to cover Windows 8.1, did not want to re-learn Windows 8.

    Basically, 781 Score, 54 questions, 30 on the first section, 24 on second section.

    Combination of Best Answer, Multiple Choice, and drag and drop. No Demos.

    I took close to 7 months to prepare for this exam, I used the video library from Pluralsight , (formally Trainsignal). They have a very large Window 8 Library. I started out paying $49 a month to Trainsignal, then changed it to $30 for videos only with Pluralsight.

    I read these books:

    Windows 8 Administration Pocket Consultant
    Windows 8 Administration Pocket Consultant: William R. Stanek: 9780735666139: Books

    Windows 8 Inside Out
    Windows 8 Inside Out: Tony Northrup: 9780735663817: Books

    Windows 8 Step by Step
    Windows 8 Step by Step: Ciprian Adrian Rusen, Joli Ballew: 9780735664029: Books

    Windows 8 Secrets
    Windows 8 Secrets: Paul Thurrott, Rafael Rivera: 9781118204139: Books

    But with Windows 8.1 now being covered on the exam. You might want to look for updated versions of these books.
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    So, I am a little confused, I received MCSA Windows 8, but no MCTS?? for either 70-687/88? what do you get for those exams??
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    EspiOne wrote: »
    So, I am a little confused, I received MCSA Windows 8, but no MCTS?? for either 70-687/88? what do you get for those exams??

    You just did the upgrade exam so you get the just the MCSA title. Doing the exams individually wouldnt have resulted in the same outcome. MCTS no longer exists as far as i an aware for Microsofts new certification structure
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