Vlan on Switch vs Router?

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Hi Everyone,
Can vlan's be set up on routers or just switches? Also, please correct me if i am wrong, that vlans depend on on subnets created in a router, so a router *must* be subnetted before a switch can be split into vlans?



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    Vlan i.e, virtual LAN is a Layer 2 (data link layer ) concept which works same as routers does in the Layer 3 (network layer ).Routers are used to connect VLANs in two different networks as far as my knowledge goes.
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    It can be configured on both. On switch you use it to separate into groups. while on the router you use trunks to enable routing between the different vlans.
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    a router *must* be subnetted before a switch can be split into vlans?

    Nope. You can have a network that is just a switched environment with VLANs. If you want the VLANs to talk to each other or to the outside, then you will need a router, but it is not a requirement simply for a switched VLAN environment.
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    Are you working on ICND1 or ICND2? because the router on a stick configuration is covered in ICND2. Basically if you want to set up routing between vlans you set up you vlans on the switch and create a trunk link between the switch and router. On the router you configure sub interfaces and assign the vlans to the sub interfaces. The most logical way to set it up would be
    VLAN 1 Fastethernet0/0.1
    VLAN 2 Fastethernet0/0.2
    VLAN 3 Fastethernet0/0.3
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    I am studying for ICND1. Thanks for all the great info everyone! Anymore good advice?
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    I am studying for ICND1. Thanks for all the great info everyone! Anymore good advice?

    Basically what has been said. VLANS are designed to run on switches and routers. There are fundamental differences of what works where and why. A VLAN's primary function is to separate hosts into different groups based on function need, geographic location, etc. Once built into a VLAN hosts can only communicate with themselves on that particular VLAN. This separates them essentially into different networks. A router or a layer 3 device would be needed to communicate VLAN to VLAN.
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    understanding Vlans is not a complicated story but you should able to understand why vlan using? mostly identify the section at all! Even when router is used probably you could connect a pc in outside (gateway) so all you need a gateway router to connect to outside.
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    Indeed to connect a pc outside the gateway you need a router.The simpliest way is to use a layer 3 switch which knows routing and vlans ;))
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