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Hey guys I just passed my CCENT and looking towards CCNA and Network+. What would be the best book for Network+ and are there any sim questions like they have in Cisco exams or just multiple choices?


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    Congrats on the CCENT pass. I don't have a recommendation for a full Network+ study, but I can answer your query on the questions.

    You'll probably see about 87 multiple choice questions and three simulation questions. That's what most people are reporting. The simulations aren't the same as you'll see in the CCNA exam though. This blog Get Certified Get Ahead | Network+ Performance Based Questions talks a little about what you are likely to see on the Network+ exam related to performance based questions.

    Good luck.
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    Mike Meyers Net+ AIO as well as the Exam Cram were golden to me.

    However, even if you read thru the Net+ material, you might not necessarily need to take the exam. CCENT -> CCNA might be better than CCENT -> Net+ ->CCNA. At the very least, you'll save $250.
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