Just signed up for Security+, CCENT, CCNA, and CCNA: Security

kanecainkanecain Member Posts: 186
Student at WGU here, and my wife thinks I'm over my head. I have six months to complete four certs. Wish me luck.
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  • CodyyCodyy Senior Member Member Posts: 223 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Wow, I don't want to say you're in over your head, but I would be over mine for sure! You can probably knock out Security+ in less than a month, I did it within 3 weeks with no prior knowledge in Security ..granted I barely passed. Good luck!
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    Good luck. What order are you taking them in?

    I would do CCENT --> CCNA / Sec+ --> CCNA:Security. Getting the networking basics covered in CCENT will help with Sec+

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