Urgent - Reports out of vCenter?

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I know vCenter is not a reporting tool, but is there a way I can generate a csv or something that'll list out the IP addresses and OS versions of the VM's managed by it? I dont have vOPS in the environment and dont use Veeam (use HP Data Protector instead), I mentioned Veeam because apparently you can generate a similar report in that product. Thanks!
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    Personally I usually use PowerCLI and a single line of PowerShell to accomplish this kind of work, but as you asked for a GUI solution here's the easiest:

    - Navigate to Inventory > VMs and Templates
    - Select the root node (or whatever level of the hierarchy you're interested in reporting on)
    - In the right pane select the Virtual Machines tab
    - Right-click on a column header and make sure the columns you're interested in seeing are checked (i.e., IP Address and Guest OS)
    - Click File > Export > Export List, in the Save As dialog make sure to select CSV as the output format

    Will that work?
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    That was it, thanks! That did slip out of mind...
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    I did XLS. The CSV was too messy, but xls looked really well presented.

    Thanks for that.
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