Sitting for the Security+ Certification in 2 weeks

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Recently joined this site and have been reading up on other people's experiences on passing the exam. Took the advice of others and got Darril Gibson's book. I am fortunate to have access though work to online training and certification simulations. Plan on taking the exam on the 15th of this month if I can work it into my schedule.


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    I wish you luck, bro. I'm trying to take mine this weekend, depending on my schedule. This is the second post that I have seen mentioning Darril Gibson. I used Professor Messer with a back up of the McGraw Hill Security+ All In One, 3rd Edition. I think I have a pretty good handle on the info. Most of it was repeated throughout A+ and Network+. Time will tell, however.
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    Good Luck. I'm looking to take this test at the end of the month. So far I've read the Authorized Cert Guide Deluxe Edition and now reading through Darril's book. Also just discovered the Professor Messer videos so I'm working on those also.

    I'm thinking of getting the Transcender practice tests that come bundled with a voucher, anyone have any experience with those?
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    I also started to go through the practice questions in the Security+ Exam Cram Practice Questions book today and I would suggest to stay away from it if you are thinking about it. I'm going to quit looking at it because the questions in it are much harder and very confusing to understand. They are much different than any of the other practice test questions I've seen and the book also didn't get great reviews on Amazon. I grabbed it in my O'Reilly Safari subscription so I didn't check the reviews first. Just a FYI...
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    @DJVeritas. Welcome to the forums and good luck with your studies.

    @Radio2006. Good luck on the exam this weekend. You're correct that a lot of it is repeated from A+ and Network+ so you're sure to see some familiar material though it is sometimes hit from a different perspective. Let us know how you did.

    @dbrink. Transcender practice tests have historically been given high reviews but I'm not familiar with their current material. Another option for practice tests that has become popular is the apps for mobile devices. has some apps that get good reviews. Good luck.
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    I am new to the IT field; currently studying at Kaplan. It's obvious no one is going to hire me unless I have a certification. Where should I start? I was recently told security+; however, looking at their recommendations you should have 2 years of technical experience.

    Your thoughts? Thanks.
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    I see you have your A+ and Network+. I am trying to decide which I should take as they tests are expensive. I do not work in the IT field, therefore I have no employer incentives to use towards paying for the exams.

    I was told to bypass the A+ and go straight to security+ it is the most in demand for the starter. Your opinion? And, do you currently work in IT?

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    Welcome to the forums twiggy981.

    What are you studying at Kaplan? Have you asked any of these questions to people there? Many training institutions have discount vouchers that students can use to take tests and when you're taking some courses, they supplement the cost of these vouchers making them very cheap for students.

    Security+ is a good entry level certification, but I'd suggest that you do Network+ first and build some knowledge on networking. The technical experience recommendations for CompTIA certifications are only recommendations and can include experience in an education setting. At any rate, don't let them deter you from studying any topics.

    Good luck.
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    Yes, I have spoken with Kaplan. They have some study guides, etc. and may have vouchers. I do understand your point about building some knowledge on networking and getting the Network + first. Although I am a A student at Kaplan I don't feel I'm ready for any of the test or work in the field. Things move extremely fast in their excelerated classes. It's like when do you get a chance to really absorb the information. I don't work in an IT field currently, so I really don't have a way of applying my knowledge in a real world experience each day. I'm trying to find volunteer work, but even then, I need guidance.

    There's a lot of study material out there and I didn't want to spend tons of money studying guides that were useless, as I often hear.

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    @twiggy981, I'd suggest that you do two things.

    1) Decide what exam you want to take and set a goal to take it by a certain date.

    2) Look for material that others find useful for that exam.

    You can take and pass the Security+ without getting the Network+ first. I've had security administrators that didn't have much Networking knowledge in Security+ classes that I've taught, and they have have successfully passed the exam. However, they worked much harder and longer than people that had solid networking knowledge.

    You mentioned earlier that someone told you to skip A+ and go straight to Security+. Even if you choose to skip taking the certification exams, don't skip the knowledge. If you plan on pursuing a career in IT, there is a lot of relevant information in the A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications that can help you succeed.

    Hope this helps,

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    Ok, scheduled the exam for next Thursday at 9:30am EST! Darril, it's nice to have you around for encouragement!
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    @DJVeritas. Thanks. Good luck on the exam. We'll be looking for your post next Thursday letting us know you passed:).
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    I just took my Security+ Exam last week and passed. I do not work in the IT field but expect to in the next few weeks. I mostly used the course materials from my college course (Information Systems Security) to study. I also used a website called for practice text.
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    Darril, just did the practice exam in the front of the book and was shocked I didn't score well. Took several online certification simulators and scored 88%+ each time. I'll have to go back and see what areas I need work on. I did notice the differences between the questions is how they are worded.
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    @mjscott90. Congrats on the pass. Good luck with your new job.

    @DJVeritas, check out the explanations too. They explain why the correct answer is correct and why the incorrect answers are incorrect. Sometimes, a question (either in the book or on the actual exam) can have a different answer due to subtle changes in the wording of the question. Good luck.
  • DJVeritasDJVeritas GISP | GMON | CNDA | CEH | Carbon Black Defense Analyst Member Posts: 36 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I ended up buying the iPad app and have gone through all of the questions and gotten 88% or better on each one. Scored 90% on the Cryptography questions which blew me away. Thanks for your help and support Darril!
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