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Ok my fellow TE members, I am in need of some help. I will be sitting my route exam on the 7th and after that I need to focus in on my cvoice. My employer and I have decided for me to go down the voice path. I work for a gold partner and I have everything at my finger tips to use for labs. Including a PSTN simulator. I am very lucky.

As for right now I am reading Cisco documentations and I installed CUCM 8.6 with Unity Connections with the OVA files in our VMware lab environment, they are working great. I have also installed Emergency Responder and integrated it with my call manager. I am working through Cisco's documentation on ER as well. I was instructed to start reading the SRND. I am working through this as well. As you can see I am going in all different directions I really need a focus so that I can write my cvoice.

What study materials will I need for this exam? Can I really get this done with just the SRND and doing these labs? I am sure whatever I decide to go with my employer will pay for.

I could really use some guidance with this. Thank you in advance.


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    The best book I can recommend is cisco gateway gatekeepers. Its a tad bit old but its easier to understand that the newer Cvoice book. I would still also purchase the Cvoice book to cover things that aren't in the other book. The SRND is not going to help with the labs as this exam is mostly focused on the gateway portion of the lab, the SRND doesnt cover gateways that much.
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    For CVOICE it really is about theory more than anything. Those are some cool things that you have setup so far but they aren't really touched upon in CVOICE. Even CUCM isn't "needed" yet; gateways, POE Switch, CME, IP Phones, and analog phones is what you'll need if I remember correctly.

    I would find as many of the newer CVOICE books as you can find which really is only like 2 maybe 3 out there sadly. The official guide covers everything but doesn't really explain the harder topics. I would follow that up with the Sybex book, Gateway & Gatekeepers, and for sure the QOS book released a while ago. Tack on INE CVOICE CBT's if your partner can get you access to them.

    CVOICE was a tough one for me, you really have to know the finer points on every subject mentioned. From knowing the full call signaling setup process of each signaling protocol (H.323, SIP, MGCP, SCCP), Understanding the different E&M types and how they work, and everything in between. Good luck to you, I'm sure you'll do fine with all the available resources that you have.
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    "2 maybe 3 out there sadly." Sadly? I wish a single book was written for CAPPS or TVOICE lol. CVOICE thankfully has more resources than any of the other exams on the track, but that said, CVOICE was most difficult content-wise for me compared to CIPT1 and CIPT2

    I recommend reading Sybex CVOICE first, its not as detailed as Kwallace Cisco Press, but imo explains ideas more clearly. CP book takes it deeper, although at times seems to be poorly organized imo. Kwallace videos I found were very helpful as well, and many are free at

    I feel like I had a much better understanding of CVOICE after combining that knowledge with CIPT1. CIPT1 makes all the theory of CVOICE kind of come to life, with a purpose.

    Welcome to the track. The guys above have helped me along quite a bit, its been a fun journey.
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    Thank you for all the input. I will get sybex and CP books for this course. I am also going to get the INE videos. At least I can expense all this. icon_lol.gif Everybody I have talked to has said the same thing about the cvoice being the toughest out of the five exams. I work with a couple CCNP voice guys and a one CCIE voice guy and they have confirmed this as well.

    I am sure I will have lots of questions so hopefully between the guys at work and here I can get this figured out. Thank you again for you recommendations. Now lets hope I pass my route so I can get working on this voice track.
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    I think CIPT2 is the hardest of the exams. But by the time I've did CVOICE I had quite a few VOIP deployments under my belt.
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    Yeah, exam-wise CIPT2 had lots of long wordy questions, config readings, and exhibits, so I would say the exam was more difficult but the content for me was easier to learn. I think I scored highest on CIPT2 compared to the other 2
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