questions about exam 98-364 (MTA Database Administration Fundamentals)

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I passed 1ZO-051 (SQL Fundamentals I). I have some limited experience with Oracle DB. To say the truth for me the exam SQL Fundamentals I was really complicated, I invested much sweat.

I am not a school boy, work since 16 years in IT - 10 years in support. I read that "MTA Database Administration Fundamentals" is now open for all people. I don't have any experience with SQL server.

Should I take this MTA exam? What's you thoughts? Anyone took it?

Is the book ISBN-13: 978-0470889169 - Exam 98-364: MTA Database Administration Fundamentals (Microsoft Official Academic Course) good for preparation? There are bad reviews on


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    Those look like legit bad reviews, so I would not bother.

    I am uncertain as to the value of the MTA exams for actual IT professionals. If I were you, I would consider just doing the 70-461 exam.

    Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012

    There is an MS Press Training Kit for this test and I have taken the MeasureUp practice tests that come with it. If they reflect even 75% of the actual difficulty of the exam, I could take it today, with no study and pass in the 900s. But I have 3+ years of intense SQL Server experience in both administration and development. I would expect that it would be on a similar level with the SQL Fundamentals exam and that using the Training Kit would be all that you need to pass the exam having already prepped for the 1ZO-051 exam. It will probably be 80% review for you.
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    thank you. The objectives for "Exam 70-461: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012" and "1ZO-051 SQL Fundamentals I" are almost the same. Will try if 70-461 is an easy win for me icon_smile.gif

    What title/certificate do I receive when I will pass 70-461?
    Is SQL Sever 2012 available for free on Windows8? Is there a XE-edition for free?
    Do you recommend me a good SQL server forum?
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    It's called SQL Server Express Edition.

    Download SQL Server 2012 Express with SP1

    You will also want to get the management tools which will allow you to compose an execute queries.

    I believe the title will be something like Microsoft Specialist: Querying SQL Server 2012.

    For non-certification questions the SQL Team forums are very good. For certification specific stuff, you are of course, always welcome to ask here.
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    can u help me plz .. i'm looking for this book
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    search 70-461 sql
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    The MTA database administration fundamentals is a great starting exam. The book you linked from Amazon is actually pretty decent. I read that book and passed the MTA exam with a 100% score.

    Here's the 70-461 book

    Training Kit (Exam 70-461): Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Itzik Ben-Gan, Dejan Sarka, Ron Talmage: 9780735666054: Books
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    I have these 3 books which I am reading on and off as I work with SQL daily (for a year).

    1. Fundamentals
    2. Teach yourself SQL
    3. 70-461 Microsoft Book

    Also I plan to use the CBT Nugget 24 hour access 2 days before my exam.

    Good luck on the SQL path. I've found it both annoying and rewarding :D
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    MTA 98-364 can be found on Pluralsight - Hardcore Dev and IT Training in a video format (you don't really need the book as the videos explain it very well !) I am currently doing this course as I have no experience whatsoever with SQL. I know this certificate may not be very important but it's a start and it gives you motivation to move on to 70-461, 70-462 & 70-463 which are the more important parts for your career :) But I honestly think every newbie interested in starting with SQL should start off with the fundamentals exam.
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    So ClausIRL, how did the exam go for the 98-364 after only using the Plurasight videos? I'm currently going though the same video in preparation for my exam, and need to test in less than 10 days.
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    For those who have taken the exam, which resources did you find most beneficial?
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    The MS press book is what I used. It was good, but is overpriced IMO.
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    I passed the exam today. I only used the Pluralsight course, working with SQL Server in my virtual lab (Win server 2008 R2), and going through the MeasureUp practice test one time (reviewing the material for any question I missed). The practice test was harder! I will say that I had minimal previous experience with MySQL at a prior job.
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    i am a college passout fresher, I want to give microsoft 98-364 exam but i am unable to find out how to apply or enroll into
    please help me out
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    I would rather skip the MTA exam and go directly to 70-461. If you are a beginner it might take a while to prepare for it but it would be well worth it.

    I took a MTA exam recently (98-365 - Windows server administration fundamentals) with zero study and yet passed by just using common sense and educated guesses. And trust me , I have zero knowledge of Windows server environment. I didn't even study for the exam for a minute as I was sick.

    CIW perl I passed without even knowing perl syntax and just applying my generic knowledge of programming (in PHP).

    I realize this may not hold true for all but my opinion is that both CIW and MTA exams are quite worthless and not worth the buck IMO even if you are a beginner. They don't really carry much weight anyway except making your resume more wordy.
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    can u help me plz ......
    I want to give the exam of microsoft 98-364. Icould not find preparation material for this......Can anyone guide me???
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    Learn the following well guys and you will pass the exam, you don't need to study from a book, just take notes from this course below for 2-4 weeks and you'll be fine for the pass ! it's just $29 for the month and about $120 for the exam, well worth it in my opinion and it will kick start you towards becoming a DBA or DB-Dev. Good luck !

    Microsoft MTA: Database Administration Fundamentals - Online Training Course for Developers
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