Passed CIPT2 (3/5)

rchaserchase Member Posts: 126
Materials used to study:

Cisco Press CIPT2 - paid version CIPT2 vids
Home Lab

The CP studyguide I felt was fairly decent this time (not that I had any competing book to compare with)
It did a pretty goodjob of explaining topics thoroughly, and seemed to be better organized than previous CP titles.

CAPPS is next on the list. I'm planning on watching INE vids 115 - 130 from their CCNP Voice training. Thats the only material I have found for CAPPS (a recommendation I read on a forum). I was disappointed after I ordered CAPPS training from IPexpert to realize I "per-ordered" the vids (they havent been produced yet...)

In addition, I will be reviewing with the Cisco Press Quick Reference titles for CAPPS and TVOICE.

Thats the plan. Let me know if you have any suggestions for thosetwo exams. Or any questions re:CVOICE, CIPT1, or CIPT2



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