how does ISC2 know i have 1 year of experience in IT security?

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hey everybody,
i am considering taking the SSCP exam and i am wondering how do i submit or prove to ISC2 that i have at least a year of IT Security experience? On the C|EH you need to fill out a form and everything but i cant seem to see anything on the ISC2 website (i have contacted ISC2 but there representative was really not help-full icon_rolleyes.gif).

Thanks for the help!

also if i have the Security+ is taking the SSCP still worth it?? or should i just do the CEH??


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    You will find a member of the (ISC)2 to endorse you who will checking your experience and sign your paperwork.. It doesn't need to be someone with an SSCP certification; anyone with an (ISC)2 cert in good standing can endorse an (ISC)2 certification candidate. If you don't know of anyone with an (ISC)2 certification, the (ISC)2 it self can do your vetting, but it takes a little longer to complete the process.

    As to the "worth" of the SSCP and C|EH certifications, it really depends on what you want to do with either of these certs. If it's about getting a job, you will want to favor the certifications that are most asked for in the jobs postings that appeal to you.
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    my old boss has a Cissp, what do i need him 2 do in order for me to be able to take the examination?
    and im not really looking for a job right now as i am 17, i am trying to get into a cyber unit in the military...

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    It's all right here. Step-by-step:
    BS, MS, and CCIE #50931
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    i have seen that page before but never noticed the endorsement part at the bottom, Thanks!
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    You should also download and read the Candidate Information Bulletin (CIB) for the SSCP. It has most everything you will need to know to prepare for the SSCP exam.
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    looks good, thanks!
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