what was the first pc you ever built?

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mine was a 486 with a vip mobo and 5x86-133 cpu. it had a 1mb s3 vga pci card, 16mb edo ram, isa sound card, 8x cd-rom and hard drives and a floppy drive taken from 2nd user 286 pcs.
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    My first was a Tulip AT 286, 8 Mhz, 655 KB of RAM, a 20 MB harddisk, 512KB videoram, b/w monitor, 5.25" floppy drive, later 720 KB 3.5", ran MS DOS 3.2 or 4.2 (can't remember exactly, it's 15 years ago...)
    later DR Dos with Windows 2.x and Stacker (to make the 20 MB disk a 40 MB disk)

    I was always trying new ways to clean up conventional memory... trying to play that game that needed more than 550K free mem. :)

    Also I remember the mainboard being an add-on card icon_confused.gif and the thing was heavier then my current pc and 17" monitor combined. icon_lol.gif
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    I'm a newbie as far as using and building PCs.
    My first owned was a HP Pavilion with a celeron 266. VERY shortly after I built a system with an ASUS MEB-VB mobo, celeron 400 and 128mb - that was in '98. I guess I was lucky not to juggle memory, but then again when I did my A+ last month I had to learn a bit about it very fast.
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