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I keep hearing about these MTA exams and wanted to see what they were all about. I will be taking the OS Fundamentals tomorrow Jan 04 @ 10:00. Having already finished my first run through of my 70-680 studies, I would expect this to be fairly simple. That said, if I do not pass, I believe I will take a nice break from Microsoft and reconsider my focus. :D I'll update tomorrow.


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    @About7Narwhal - you cannot not pass! icon_thumright.gif
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    Well, it was nice to stop the 70-680 stuff for a day to look over this exam. I still have a whole book to go through and another round of Professor Messer by the 17th. But I didn't feel like I was learning anything from it. I think this break will help, even if it is only a day.
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    So, I took and passed the 98-349 today with a 96/100, marking my first Microsoft certification. The exam was a cake walk for anyone who works with Windows 7 on a technical level. That said, there were a few questions where the answers had 2 valid solutions: The easy way or the Microsoft way. Beyond that, I was pretty shocked to see 1 or 2 questions on some mid-level command line and management console stuff. While I feel the test was easy, I would say that if you have no technical experience using Windows 7 (or some of it's optional technical downloads), you might find this a bit tough as you either know it or you don't. There isn't much available in the way of guessing.
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    Congrats. Im thinking on taking this exam myself.
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    Can someone explain what the difference is between the 98-349 exam and the 70-680? I have my 70-680 passed, but is it being phased out? Is it worth getting the MTA 98-349 exam?
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