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I have an older Testout CD for Network+ that is based off of the "003" test. About 10 years ago, when I was in high school I took 4 semesters of Cisco, but never too my CCNA, so I'm fairly comfortable with networking and most of the Testout material is review. My question is, does anyone know what differences there are between the 003 and 005 versions of the test?

I just Passed my A+ in November and plan on pushing through net+, Sec+, Server+ and anything else I possibly can.

Thanks for any feedback you guys can give!


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    Download a current copy of the objectives from CompTIA. You will see changes, but those you can either pick up Meyers book, the Sybex text or simply research any gaps in knowledge should the objectives cover topics not as familiar to you.

    Overall, if your Networking Knowledge is sound, I would think you will be just fine.

    If your experience is limited, then pick-up a current text like Meyers or Sybex and use them to review topics you need to review. The exam is not difficult, but like all CompTIA exams they are meant for folks with some bases of experience.
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    Welcome to the forums and congrats on the A+ pass.

    Plantwiz gives an excellent suggestion of downloading the current objectives and seeing what isn't familiar to you. They have changed quite a bit since 003.

    Good luck.
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