where i was at when i got the examination results...

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i've haunted this forum a long time but never posted. i sat for the written CISSP on dec 9th. felt good leaving the exam but as the days progressed waiting for the results, i started to get nervous. my biggest fear was not knowing where i'd be when i got the email results or what i'd do when i got the results, pass or fail. well you will all be pleased to know that i was in line at the cashier at my dentist when i looked down at the droid and say 'congratulations'. i took a deep breath, shook the hands of the people in the line ahead of me, behind me, and the cashier. I probably won't be going back to that dentist.

thanks to all for your help!! tremendous knowledge in this forum.


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    @morbud - congrats on passing the CISSP - that's a significant milestone. Great to see you on TE and good luck on the next challenge! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats and welcome to TE. icon_cheers.gif So for the superstitious... are you recommending root canals for CISSP candidates?
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    Nope no root canal, however i do recommend studying hard and taking lots of example tests. For me, spending the day before the test relaxing and getting a good massage helped me physically and mentally. I figured if I didn't know it by the day before the test, craming at the last minute wouldn't help anything.
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    This is a great thing congratulations on your victory. icon_cheers.gif..... At least people will see your pearly Whites!!!!!..LOL
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    Congratulations morbud! I was just sitting at my desk at work when I got my email - boring! It must have been nice to have an audience when you let loose with that WooHoo!
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