What did everyone use to help them study for Security +

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Hey everyone,

I just finished the Sec+ book ( CompTIA Security+ Certification Study Guide (Exam SY0-301) (Official CompTIA Guide): Glen Clarke: 9780071771405: Amazon.com: Books ) It was really helpful. My trouble is I am planning on taking sec+ soon, and I read this book over the course of a semester, so I have forgotten little tidbits here and there. I am just curious was resources everyone used to help you get through it. Right I am getting around 70% on the practice exams



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    A vast majority of people on this forum swear by this book...This is what I am using as well....along with Professor Messer's videos on youtube...

    CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-301 Study Guide: Darril Gibson: 9781463762360: Amazon.com: Books
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    Darril Gibson's book is excellent! I was about to take the test after reading his book and creating flash cards for every chapters end questions plus the reviews. I decided to change my focus primarily on Cisco but I guarantee you if you read his book and fully use it like you should you will pass with flying colors. Its a very very well written book.
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    Personally, I like the Sybex text for content and description of sec+.
    Meyers has a book as well and it is decent, but I like his books in the A+ and Net+ topics better, Unless you are considering his "Passport" series, then for quick review it is the way to go.

    There are other texts, but when I have reviewed them, they are more like large cram books, rather than books that explain new content to folks. So, it depends on how familiar you may be with the objectives.
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    I used the book by Darril gibson.
    and the Free training course videos of Professor messer (just google the name).
    i found both 2 be Excellent resources!!

    good luck!
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    I used Darril Gibson's Security+. It is all you should need to be honest. It is THAT GOOD
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