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Hi All,

1 - Before going to start OSCP, i want to know what are the prerequisites for doing it. what certifications or language will add advantage in prepration of OSCP. i am a Network Security Engineer, have a sound knowledge in Firewall (ASA/PIX/Juniper). i am also a RHCE during my previous jobs configured nagios,asterisk,cacti. i have no knowledge in any scripting languages. i dont know any thing about pearl,phython,shell,bash.

2 - i want to know from all of experts should i do OSCP ? whats the level of scripting is involved in OSCP ? can an unexperienced person in scripting should do OSCP ?

3 - If i do OSCP will my network security skills will add advantage to it ?

4 - What is the scope of a person who is good in security and if he is a OSCP to ?

Experts thanks in advance for any suggestions and advice which will be provided from all of u.


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    Quote right from the Penetration Testing with Backtrack course description.
    Penetration Testing with BackTrack is an entry-level course but still requires students to have certain knowledge prior to attending the class. A solid understanding of TCP/IP, networking, and reasonable Linux skills are required. This course is not for the faint of heart; it requires practice, testing, and the ability to want to learn in a manner that will grow your career in the information security field and defeat any learning plateau. Offensive Security challenges you to rise above the rest, dive into the fine arts of advanced penetration testing, and to Try Harder™.

    If you have solid TCP/IP and networking skills then you should be good to go with your RHCE. I believe I've heard in the past that Python is helpful but you will learn in the class what is needed with Python scripting.
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    IMO its a specific type of scripting experience is needed. Shell scripting is nessesary first and formost. A major thing in the course is the FOR command, which I still am not familiar with, also get used to piping output and using grep. This is different than what I learned in my scripting basics prep which was basicly listing commands to be executed. My .02 at this point.

    At some point knowledge of python/perl/asm would be useful when modifying public exploits, but I am not at this point.
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    I think it would be useful to check out the ethical hacker forums and specifically OSCP subsection (The Ethical Hacker Network - OSCP - Offensive Security Certified Professional). There are a couple of good threads, specifically OSCP critique and a couple of OSCP journey where people post their progress while going through the exam. I believe they provide a realistic view of the class/lab/exam and should be helpful in your decision when to make the purchase.
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