Passed CAPPS (4/5)

rchaserchase Member Posts: 126
Materials used to study:
Cisco Press CAPPS Quick Reference
some INE vids (115-129)
All KWallace CAPPS vids (paid version)
Home Lab
Work Experience did help (1yr exp with CUE)
Also, reviewed the exam topics one by one, often looking for more detailed explanations of each on Cisco's SRND and other papers

I scored high on this exam. It covered CUC, CUE, and CUPS, focused mainly on integration and basic operation

KWallace videos were great. INE vids REALLY dragged on, whereas KWallace was very to the point and even video edited things like long reloads and proccesses.

All in all, none of these study resources were enough on their own, each contributed in some way.


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