Any Network+ Tips Please?

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Hi everyone,

Been lurking around and finally decided to join as I want to learn more about networking. Background, I'm 23 working as Helpdesk Support. I don't want to do helpdesk forever though. I have an associates degree in Computer Networking but haven't made much of it. Anyhow, I'm eager to learn and my ultimate goal is to find a career in Network Security. I have the Mike Meyers Network+ book and I enjoy reading it each time. I want to take the Network+ exam in the near future as well. Are there any tips you could give me as far as what aspects to focus on for that exam? Thanks in advance!


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    Thank you. I will definitely watch those videos.
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    Welcome to the forums. This link shows several Network+ related blogs you might find helpful: Get Certified Get Ahead | Network+

    Good luck with the exam.
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    Thank you too! I will look into that! Keep them coming guys. If you have passed or taken the test as well you input is highly looked fwd too. Thanks thus far. I feel like I'm heading down the right track.
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    Spend a fair amount of time looking at wireless security and other wireless related stuff. Cable types are good to know and make sure you know the troubleshooting steps in order from start to finish.

    The Mike Meyers book is a great book to study and is what I used. I didn't use Professor Messer for the Network+ but I did for the A+ and it was an amazing resource (and the price was right!). I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about subnetting. I don't think had 1 subnetting question on my test and I haven't heard of many people getting more than 1 or 2 if any at all.
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    Thank you. That's excellent advice. Do I have to know all the different Ethernets such as 10BaseT or 100BaseFX and the maximum distance that required wire/cable can transmit data?
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    I know this may take a lot of time but if u read the exam cram book a lot you will pass. I made a 900 on the exam with that book and using the exam questions on the CD however the exam questions didnt really help. I think the A+ tests were harder. Good luck!
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