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Hi all! I currently hold A+ and Security+, and will sit for both CCNA exams before the end of February. I am extremely interested in security. Last semester professor of mine suggested I look at doing CEH next, but that doesn't seem to have a ton of fans around here. I was looking at the Offensive Security website, and it seems like their OSCP prep course, Pentesting with Backtrack, offers alot of really interesting content. I'm familiar with Python and Bash scripting, but by no means an expert in either, and have played around with Backtrack a bit in my spare time. I don't want to get in over my head, but I would really like a challenge. Does this seem like a reasonable objective for someone at my skill level? Or is there something else I should be looking at first? Any and all input is much appreciated.
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    naftalirnaftalir Member Posts: 38 ■■□□□□□□□□
    i am currently finishing my Net+ and C|EH and then hopfully i will move on to the PWB/OSCP course or the eccpt Cert.i myself have a great interest in Data Security and i hear (from what my buds tell me) that the OSCP is a amazing course and what you will learn in there is amazing, but the Exam at the end (OSCP) is extermly difficult and in order to conquer the challenge you must have a good networking background (You should be fine, seeing as you are almost done with your CCNA [good luck on the test]), also since you know python that is also a good step above alot of people who take the course and a BIG positive.the only thing i would think of is.. do you have any skills with linux? if you do have some skills with linux (you can navigate through the shell easily ) i think you should be fine.. but you should check out the http://www.Eleansecurity.com website as i hear they also have a course very simillar to the PWB course (a bit easier ) that alot of people take as a "pre" course to the OSCP.

    Good luck!

    P.s. check out this link: Calling all Penetration Testing with BackTrack (PWB)/OSCP students!
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    ramrunner800ramrunner800 Member Posts: 238
    Thanks for the links, much appreciated! I think I'm going to enjoy the course, but I think it'll be a challenge. I know a bit of linux, hopefully I'll be able to learn more as I go through the coursework.
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    the_hutchthe_hutch Banned Posts: 827
    Be prepared to do a LOT of outside research. From what I understand from a couple people I've talked to, the course is not (in itself) sufficient to teach you how to perform the exploits that you are going to need to do. It shows you the basics and tries to point you in the right direction. And as far as additional help, beyond the course content...don't expect any, beyond the infamous Off-Sec caveat..."Try Harder."

    "From the first time it was uttered it has become our mantra, and now, Offensive Security students worldwide attribute the Try Harder™ lifestyle to the Offensive Security way. Offensive Security is known for its hardcore security classes. When you are at the pinnacle of pain begging for just one little hint, most students receive the hint … TRY HARDER"- Try Harder

    I'm taking it next month when my tax refund comes in. Looking forward to suffering through it with you guys!!!
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    the_Grinchthe_Grinch Member Posts: 4,165 ■■■■■■■■■■
    hutch is spot on. I think you are prepared enough to start taking OSCP. As he stated, you'll need to do outside researcher, but I have yet to speak with anyone who hasn't said that (even people with years of experience have said they still had to review somethings). Honestly, if you put in the time you can pass this cert. Just make sure you do all the extra miles and have plenty of lab time. Also be ready to devote a ton of time to it, if you can't do a few hours a day and the entire weekend for a couple of weeks then I'd wait till you can. Just to note, I've gathered this from reading various reviews not from actually taking the course.
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