Juniper Partners?

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Hey guys,

I don't really post and usually just creep this forum but was wondering if anyone knew names of Juniper partners? Location doesn't really matter to me as I am looking to get out of the state I am in. (Ranks in top 10 for worst off economy.)

Over the past year I have been working on SRX's and some switching here and there with JunOS and really grown to love it. So much that I rather focus on Juniper than Cisco. Implementation is the overall goal but fine with support as long as it gets me more time on the boxes.

Anyways, I have applied at least twice now to Juniper but no luck so am wanting to broaden my scope to partners. I have tried searching on the Juniper website but it says to call their sales department. I also tried searching through DICE and while I do get a lot of hits nothing is really saying we resell or support Juniper. Plus the outrageous requirements HR seems to put in those ad's makes it seem impossible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!


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