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Well, I am glad that you all felt cheated. I however am sweating buckets.
I've got three different study guides and they all seem different. How many questions do you get asked? I've been told that its progressive meaning that it starts easy, works up to hard and you could be done in as few as 4 questions. True?


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    you will get between twenty and thirty questions.

    sweating buckets? i used to read something from two different sources and have a panic attack! that's where forums come in. that's what they are there for ;)
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    20 questions is the minimum, 30 max.

    In theory and surely not exactly like this, but, the first question is level 2 (normal), if you get it right you can get a more difficult question (level 3) about the same topic or a level 2 questions about another topic, if you got the first question wrong, you might get an easier (level 1) question about the same topic... correct answered level 3 questions increase your score more than correct answered level 2 or 1 questions... Answering several level 1 questions incorrectly will result in a fail. If you do well, (or really really really bad) yuo only need 20 questions. So sometimes it is progressive, actually it is adaptive... meaning that it adapts to your skills bases on previously answered questions, that's also why you can't go back to the previous questions once you answered one.
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    I think I only had 20 q's when i sat last week. Went so fast that I forgot to look. Like I said, it was only six minutes...
    I'm not a complete idiot... some parts are missing.
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    Don't worry: You'll be amazed at your depth of knowledge when you finish your exams (20-30 questions in all!!) in less than 15mins! Be careful though as the questions can sometimes be tricky..when I wrote mine..i needed to answer in 30mins..else i fail the exams i.e answer at least 20 questions in 30mins or you fail the exams!!!!
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