Passed SSCP less than a week a go, beginning to study for CISSP today

Heny '06Heny '06 Member Posts: 107
Morning All, last saturday I passed the SSCP exam. And I have a close friend who recently passed the CISSP and said just segway right into the CISSP since a lot of the material is the saw atleast the info is still fresh in yoyr memory. I took his advice and recieved Shon Harris AIO yesterday and will begin reading it today. Hopefully I will finish the book and use another supplemental book by April.

My question to you alll is for the people who have taken the SSCP and then the CISSP is the study and prep easier since you have an idea what ISC2 is looking for?

I check the forum daily and will continue to read peoples adivce on their successes and failiures when taking on the CISSP challenge. Thanks again everyone take care.


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