Smashed the Net+ today 900/900

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I passed the Network+ today with a score of 900. Next is Sec+ and MCSA 70-680 & 686. Then server+ and CCNA. Thanks for everyones posts on here, it has given me a lot of study ideas and I look forward to being able to help others as well. I posted a pic of my score under my photos


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    thats awesome, congrats!
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    Nice dude!
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    Wow Great job Congrats
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    Thanks all, I studied my butt off for it. I used the exam cram book n10-005
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    what did you use to study?

    and congrats!
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    The Exam Cram 4th Edition N10-005 by Pearson
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Thanks Dakinggamer87
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    Congratulation. It sounds like you have a firm plan for several certs going forward. Good luck with all of them.
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    Thanks Darril! Reading ur book now!
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    Good score

    I thought Network + was much tougher than A+ and Security +
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    N2IT Its weird because I have always been able to build computers and I have used cli since I was a child. I remember when the internet was just BBS's and u had to dial into the service. WellI did do half of the MCSE classes in 2000 or 2001. Computers are my passion. Thanks for the comment
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    I'd drink to that! Congrats
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    @ chitownjedi Thanks and I'm drinking to that chit now.
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    Congrats JayBlisk. I've taken a couple dozen cert exams in my life, and I don't think I've ever made a 100%.
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    Congrats on the pass!

    You really knocked it out of the park.
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    @ ThePawofRizzo Thanks! my friend works for Duke Energy he is doing the Network integration for the Progress merger and he couldn't believe it either. Heck I was shocked. I thought I missed a couple. @ instant000 thanks! I studied for a month and a half. Now on to Sec+
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    I am due to take Net+ in the near future.

    How difficult would you say the performance based questions and how many would you estimate was assigned to you?
    I'm concerned I might have to go back an re-learn some mundane Dos commands, such as changing directory, formatting, copying, etc...

    Congratulations on earning your certificate, as well.
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    @ hixantum Thanks!!! the performance questions were easy. Study wireless and wiring schemes. Don't want to give to much info because on the nda but they weren't that hard. I didn't have any CLI questions. Just know the OSI and TCP layer models and all the different protocols. Also study the trouble shooting methodology and be able to apply that to solving a network problem. Good luck
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    Jay I hear you man.

    Yeah I am more PC, Laptop centric, not much networking knowledge. Some system knowlegde on Unix and Linux midranges. 1 total year of networking monitoring sums up my career in networking lol
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    @ N2IT Because of my construction back ground e.g. electrical and building I feel like networking is the right fit for me. I got my friend into IT years ago when I started doing my MCSE and he is the one I was referring to on this tread that is doing the Network integration for Duke Energy. He is mainly doing active directory for them. It a two year contract position. He seem to think I will enjoy networking. I am thinking about doing the project+ cert also. Do u think that would be a good cert to have or should I do the PMP cert? Thanks
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    I would pass on the Project + certification. It's one I wish I had never done. If you are interested I would take a course on project management at the local community college or university. If that isn't an option look for a course on line. This will teach you the theory while integrating the real world how to. It will also help get you to the point where you will be able to sythesis the knowledge and apply it to every day situations.

    Since you feel comfortable with pieces of networking it makes a lot of sense to go forward with that skill. I would go for the CCNA next personally. From how I understand it, it has been the most helpful cert from going from call center type work to adminstration and other positions like that.

    A few years ago I ran a poll on which certification was the most instrumental for moving up in your IT career and the results showed it was the CCNA. It wasn't even close.
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    @ N2IT I currently do not have any IT work experience and my friend that works for Duke Energy think I should get a Microsoft cert e.g. MCSA 680 & 686. He said I would have to start off doing help desk support before I would be given the opportunity to be a Junior Administrator. What are your thoughts and I do plan on doing the CCNA but he said he didn't do that cert until he had three years of help desk experience. I would be ok with doing help desk support for two years but my passion is for an administration role ultimately. Thank you for your input!
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    For some reason I thought that Net+ was retired. Is there real demand for it in your area of the market? I have been out-of-the-loop on CompTIA exams for a while and was curious.
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    From what I have seen most job postings requires atleast a Microsoft cert for a desktop support job. The Comptia certs help but will not get u a job alone. MCSA will definitely get you a desktop support job.
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    @ N2IT I am also curious if you think the Sec+ is worth obtaining. Thanks
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    Wow a perfect score? They should give you a voucher for a free exam for that!
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    @ danny069 I wish they would :D
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    I scored high on both parts of the A±, but never a perfect score.
    Scheduled to take my Net+ in a couple weeks, hopefully I crush it as well.
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