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Can someone please help me on how should I do the layout for this project..

My Teacher pass out a sheet stating the following.

Draw a plan of a SOHO Windows network with 2 switches, a router, with 46 workstations and 2 printers; all installed in 1 hall.

He also wants us to show all of the horizontal cabling coming from the 2 switches and one router and gong into each computer. icon_study.gif

Thank for the help.


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    Sounds pretty straightforward, what are you having trouble with?
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    I agree with TechZilla, that's pretty straightforward.

    You will need to describe what you mean by "layout." Are you looking for device information, software to create the layout, etc....

    Any more details you can lend will probably garner you a more thorough response.
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    Sounds to me like you need to draw two switches with a cross over cable attached between them and then draw a router and a straight cable plugged into the switches. The PCs would connect to the switches via straight cables.
    I'd use something like Visio, GNS3 or PT to draw them out unless of course your teach wants you to actually draw it by hand in which case make sure you know the universally accepted symbols for routers and switches. it sounds like you need to draw a physical topology rather than a logical one showing ip addressing schema and VLANS etc?

    Its hard to discern what you need exactly and my response is based on the info you've given us. I hope it helps in some way.
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