What Cert Next?

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Hello all. I just finished the MCSA: 2012 certification and am now at a stand still on where I should start studying next. My current position is basically a jack-of-all-trades type that touches a little bit of everything for the most part. I am trying to eventually move up into either a Systems Engineering or a Windows Server Engineering position at this same organization. I do work with the Windows Server Engineers on an almost daily basis on various things as well.

I've been recently tasked to get more in depth with SCOM as well as SCCM in my group even though the Engineering group is the one that is in charge of both. I'm trying to figure out if I should go one of those two certification routes (We currently use 2007 versions of both here), or something like Exchange Server, Virtualization, etc? I know a normal response is something along the lines of "Well what interests you most?", but all of it does to be honest. As long as it stays in the server portion of things.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!


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