642-891 Composite (COMP) exam

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I noticed that you can take this exam instead of BSCI + BCMSN.

Has anybody gone down this road ? Comments ? icon_smile.gif

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  • YankeeYankee Member Posts: 157
    Anybody recertifying has to take that exam.
    My advice is that most people should take the individual exams on their first attempt.
    You'll get to experience the joy of the composite exam soon enough.

  • darkuserdarkuser Member Posts: 620 ■■■□□□□□□□

    and i hope to never see it again

    what I'd really like to see is a number after my name......
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    Can Anyone please let me know, which is the easiest way for certification. I hav got plans of going for the composite exam. Is it in any way difficult that taking BSCI and BCMSN seperately? Can any1 share his views on it. Is ther any1 who has taken the composite exam in the first attempt????
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  • QUIX0TICQUIX0TIC Member Posts: 277
    When I first took my NP tests... I thought I would be cool and take the beta composite exam and apparently I failed miserably! It was pretty difficult. But, if you feel that you are ready... good luck.
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