Interested in Cisco Network Engineering and Design

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I can get your help and expertise with guiding me to the right direction.

I'm in the telecommuncations industry (5+years), but do basic network related tasks on a day to day basis as a network specialist (CCNA level). My goal is to get in to network engineering and design with medium to large scale networks. I have huge interest also, in working with google -
Network Engineer, Corporate - Mountain View - Google Jobs

I have my JNCIA and CCNA. My ROUTE and SWITCH is completed, and next month my TSHOOT will be completed...therefore I will be a full CCNP in a month.

I do not believe these skills are enough to land myself a decent job, especially without the experience. I'm currently hunting for something, and hope to get lucky and find something soon so I can utilize these skills day in and day out so possibly in a year or two, I can apply to Google with the knowledge and experience in hand.

As for my certification path, I'm not stopping and I was thinking about doing CCDA and CCDP (only 2 exams). Will this make me a better candidate and employee as a network engineer or designer or do you suggest I don't waste my time and jump straight on the CCIE route? I was told the CCDx path is only meant for pre-sales engineering folks.

Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all,


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    pertpert Member Posts: 250
    CCIE route is pointless very early, because 1- youre not ready, 2- even if you pass you wont be compensated for it. I would recommend knocking out a couple NP tracks, you can do most of them in 2-3 months if you have the discipline. Deisgn and Data Centre would be something useful in this regard. If you want to get into high level design its going to be very difficult doing so working at a large company, you will be put into Operations. If you find a smaller one that is a reseller or MSP you will have a much better opportunity to practice design. Also, don't put all your aspirations into being hired at one specific place, you're setting yourself up for failure. Id really recommend setting goals that depend on you, and not other peoples approval. Have goals like learning x, getting y cert, getting a job in youre field, etc. stuff that relies entirely on you.
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    kurosaki00kurosaki00 Member Posts: 973
    I agree with your notion of going CCDA
    Id go that and get some experience as Engineer, then move to CCDP
    You should also consider some security certifications, since it will give you the heads up in the security part in the design/planning/eng
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