Done: Passed Network +

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First post, long time browsericon_study.gif

Passed Comptia Network + this morningicon_cheers.gif

Things used to study
Textbook: Network+ Guide for Networks, 6th Edition, Course Technology/Cengage Learning, 2013, Tamara Dean
Labsim: Network Pro N10-005 ISBN: 978-935080-43-5, Testout
CBT Nuggets for 004 and 005 series
Professor Messor

Practice test
TechexamsPages by Dave
Exam Compas both 004 and 005
Pro Profts

I will say 80% of the test was pretty easy (with studying)
The other 20% was like WTH

Thanks for all the post's, I learned quite a bit just reading other posters adventures and advice icon_exclaim.gif

There were no simulation questions on my test

I did run through them pretty fast, flagging the ones I was not sure on

Once I ran through those, I went through the ones I was sure I knew
I found atleast three that I had read the question wrong, thank goodness I found those and fixed them

Some of the questions were worded strange

It would be no lie, I studied atleast 100 hours if you include the video's
I have little exposture to IT so didnt want to take any chances
Still so much to learn, just hope I'm not to late at age 44


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