is it advisable to take 640-607 now that is has been updated

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I have been preparing for the 640-607 and will be taking the exam in 2 weeks from now. Can I still carry on with this exam or is it that I should take the new one?
Please give me suggestions for some full length practice tests .Do I really need to purchase some practice tests or are the free tests(demo types) sufficient? When do I really know that I am 100% ready to take the test?
I know I am asking too many questions at one time.....but I really need help at this time.


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    You should continue as plan and take the 640-607 exam.

    Did you check out our Cisco Links section for exams?
    I can't say you really need to purchase practice exams, but it surely helps a lot... try transcender or boson for example. For some exams I just downloaded every demo I could find resulting in hundreds of 'free' questions...
    When do I really know that I am 100% ready to take the test?
    I guess you can never be 100% sure, but if I have to answer: when you know all the answers to all practice questions AND understand why the wrong answer is wrong and what it means.

    The most important things are to have confidence in yourself and relax... icon_sunny.gif
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