Junosphere for Sec certifications

discount81discount81 Member Posts: 213
I have my JNCIA Junos, and want to go for JNCIS Sec certification, apparently Junosphere has SRX now ?

Value wise do people think it is better to just fork out the $500 odd on a SRX 100, or spend the money Junosphere time ?

Keep in mind I have no other juniper equipment at home, and I have no space for any new equipment since I moved in with my girlfriend (selling one of my servers due to this lack of space)
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    wes allenwes allen Member Posts: 540 ■■■■■□□□□□
    I started working with Junosphere yesterday, it the service is pretty cool, and well set up. The SRX is still labeled experimental so not sure how well it works. They also cost 2 VM day units - $50 will get you five 24 hour sessions with one SRX.

    I am planning on JNCIS Sec as well, and will be using Junosphere, as it should end up costing less then buying hardware I wouldn't really use.
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