Nat on a Stick

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I have set up my router R1 with Nat and ZBF for remote users to access it.
Please I need to configure a second router. what I want is such that the second router will be at a site in a second location such that remote users will come through an Ip provided through ISP to the router and from that router they will be directed to our current router network. I was thinking that NAT on a stick will be the solution but not too sure? I have gone through the Cisco documents on configuring Nat on a Stick but am also confused on how i will direct them to my network.
For example what i wan is this : a users used an IP of and and and the ISP takes them to the Router R2(remote) from where the IP is translated to our current networks IPs respectively ie goes to the and goes to the, an goes to etc. on the R1 through the internet?

Please would appreciate your response.
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