Interview Questions (Desktop Support)

burfectburfect Posts: 128Member
Just looking for a little feedback or perhaps direction to where I can readup on Virtualization/VDI. Also, any links/general information towards active directories basic functions someone in a helpdesk role would use would be great, as I have no experience using it.

I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow, and although the interviewer is aware I have almost zero "hands on professional" experience supporting VMs or working in a VDI, they have sent over a couple of questions I can use to prep... I have been reading up on VDI and watching some youtube videos, but I feel more comfortable discussing the overall concept, rather than specifics.
Questions primarily geared towards VDI. More specifically, how would you troubleshoot a VDI platform OS? Questions around experience and knowledge of Active Directory, Group Policy and Domain Controllers.

I am just looking for any last minute feedback/advice/links etc. These "specifics" were somewhat dropped on my last minute. Thank you.
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