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Microsoft's strategy to conquer the I.T industry

" Embrace, evolve, extinguish "


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    It could be a could book but I dont think is for RHCSA or for RHCE. Jang's book has some things incomplete for RHCSA and RHCE and it's several hundred pages longer. I think the main target is and should be for such a book people who already work with linux and have experience working in production environments.
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    From my personal point of view these books are released a little late. RHEL 6 is released a few years back and all the info is already available. A book on specific server distribution has to be released at maximum one year after release because if you need to plan some migration you should have an alternative to vendor training.
    RHEL 7 beta is expected before june and the release somewhere around december -early last year if they stick to the timetable.
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