2620XM Router Throughput

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I have a question, not really exam related, but all in the name of learning!

I'm playing with my home lab and I've set up a network as in the picture:


I've got my host connected into a 24 port switch - the left 8 ports are in VLAN 100 (hosts), the right 8 in VLAN 200 (internet), and the middle ports are mostly disabled, except one trunk port. The trunk port goes to a 2620XM router, which provides DHCP, inter-VLAN routing, and NAT.

My internet router has on the VLAN 200 side, the 2620XM issues to my host(s). There is a default route in the 2620XM to send all traffic to (the internet router), and the 2620XM uses NAT Overload to translate all addresses going off to the internet router. I can do little to no config on the internet router - it's a bog standard ISP issued piece of junk. All ethernet connections are set to 100Mb.

This set up all works, my host can get on the internet, everything is fine.

However, if I go on Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test, my reported speed is around 2 meg through this set up. If I remove the 2620XM and put both the host and internet router cables into one side of the switch, it increases to around 8 meg. If I disable the wired connection altogether and just use the wireless adapter in my PC, it's 12 meg.

Why would the Cisco kit be throttling the speed so much, any ideas? Something I'm doing / not doing?

It's a pretty basic config, nothing other than the bare bones - I can post configs if required.
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