3750X 1GB ports not coming up

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I have hardcoded 1GB ports on 3750X to 1000 and full duplex for all servers connected. THe ports are not coming up with this speed and duplex settings. If I configure them to 100, I am able to see the port is up.

Whereas if i connect the same servers to 2950 switches, i can see the ports working fine with 1000 speed

Has anyone faced this situation before....we have tried with the latest universal IOS as well


  • srgsrg Member Posts: 140
    How are the servers configured? Try auto/auto on both of them and they should negotiate 1000/FD.. there's really no need to hardcode speed nowadays.
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    You sure the port on the 2950 is gig? I dont think the 2950s have gig ports, except for the uplink ports. If not, that is definitely an odd situation! Are you using the same cable for each to test? Could be the cable to the 3750X is not terminated correctly...because gig connections will use all pairs on copper.

    Hope this helps,
  • ciscoman2012ciscoman2012 Member Posts: 313
    Couple questions...

    On the 2950 most of the ports are 10/100 unless you have a model that has the two copper up-links which support 1000. Are the NIC's on the back of the server supporting 1000? If so, they should be working on the 3750.

    To me it sounds like the server only supports 100..
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