GISF as a Pre-req

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I just recently started to peruse some certificate options to help push my career.
Stumbling around I came across the SANS certs and they seem like a lot of FUN.

I want to take GCIA most but the training is very expensive for me. I think my company might help pay for part of GCFW.

I have solid experience with networking (I could tackle CCNA with some brush up studying [yes I am aware of the fail rate for CCNA]). So I am wondering if there is any value/purpose to taking GISF before any of the other SANS material?

I am also considering getting some Security+ books as those seem to be plentiful if not very basic and rudimentary. Hey it's cheap and could be done out of pocket. That's a different thread.

So did anyone skip GISF before going onto any of the other programs? Regrets?


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    Unless you're an extreme security n00b, I'd say skip GISF based on what I can see about the contents of SANS 301. Read through a Security+ book, and then maybe the GSEC would be worth it to you. You don't necessarily need to take these classes in particular order, but they do prep your brain to think towards a certain direction.
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    Make sure you look into SANS Work Study Program. Basically for $850 you'll work as a facilitator and can take a class and its corresponding certification. I did it last October in Chicago and it was an awesome experience. Details at

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    IMHO, skip the GISF. Security+ is also a good primer for SANS courses. Start with the GSEC (Along the same line as Sec+, but more in depth technically) and then GCIA.
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    All the replies have been pretty much what I figured. I didn't know about the SANS Work Study program though!
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