What after CISSP?

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Now that I'm officially done with the CISSP where should I head then ?

So far I was looking at C|EH or CISSP - ISSAP.

Any thoughts?


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    I earned my C|EH after obtaining my CISSP; it was a very good move. For myself I am going to pick up a Linux certification; Either RedHat (RHCSA) or Linux + (LPIC-1). After which I am going to circle back around for a Project Management certification.
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  • HumbeHumbe Senior Member Member Posts: 202
    Thanks Chivalry I will most likely do the C|EH too. I'm not quite sure how hard the ISSAP is going to be.
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    6 figures

    At least according to some of these top 10 certification articles. :)
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    I can see how CISSP and C|EH are not linear progressions, more of domain-focused tangents, but I would think C|EH would pre-date the CISSP in it's lesser complexity?

    Not horse before the carriage but ABC's before 123's, essentially.
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    I'm not doing the CEH because I don't think that EC-Council is quite up to par for the prices they are asking.

    Next up for me will be either Linux or CISA. If I get into a networking role, then I will go for my CCNP. This fall I'm planning on starting a Master's program which will probably take up all of my time for at least 18 months. After that I will hopefully be with a company that will help me pay for certifications and can work towards some SANS/GIAC certs.
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    What after CISSP?

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    jajajaaja pretty funny..
    This post is something like this email in the cccure.org mailing list:


    To: The CISSP Study Mailing list <[email protected]>
    Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 9:59 AM
    Subject: Re: [CCCure CISSP] After passing, what are you allowed to say about the exam?

    Nothing apart from "Thank you JESUS".

    Jon D wrote:

    >After you pass the CISSP, what are you allowed to say about it?
    >I don't want to get in trouble.
    >Obviously I can't repeat questions.
    >- Can I say what I thought the focus of the exam was?
    >- Can I say what topics showed up that I wasn't expecting?
    >- What else am I allowed to say about it?
  • HumbeHumbe Senior Member Member Posts: 202
    What after CISSP?


    Hahaha this post made me crack up!
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