OSPF DR/BDR Election

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Just to clarify what I think I understand...

The DR is elected by the highest priority code, and BDR is elected by the second highest. In the event of a tie, the highest Router ID wins. If the priority code is set to 0, then the router won't take part in the election.

All this is a little bit irrelevant though as it's not pre-emptive, so in reality the first router that turns on becomes the DR, the second becomes the BDR, and the actual election process will only ever take place if the DR fails - in which case the BDR always becomes the DR and an election takes place to elect a new BDR.

So in real life, it's whichever is powered on / has OSPF enabled first, but if a question came up like "look at these 5 routers, which is the DR and which is the BDR?" in the exam then I'd give the text book answer of highest priority / highest router ID.

Does that sound about right?
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