Weird Active Directory problem

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Hey all,

I work for a school district, and our students have laptops with Windows 7 running on them. Today, we had 10 laptops suddenly pop up with an "U:\ refers to a location that is unavailable" error. The U drive is students' personal share drive where they save their work.

The odd thing is that I can navigate to said folders through the back way in the run menu, but if I try to do it via shared, no go. My U drive works, though.

The only fix I had for at the time was to "reload" the image with a CompLab software tool we have.

Any ideas? We've had this happen once or twice before, but never with this many laptops at once.

Using Server 2008 R2.



  • lsud00dlsud00d Member Posts: 1,571
    Is this pushed down via GPO?

    Did you find any logs on the local machines or the server with related entries?
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    It's pushed out via GPO. I didn't notice anything weird in the logs.
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    Does 'gpresult /Scope User /v' show that GPO if you can check any of the affected machines still in that state?
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    If you do a "net use" does it show that the U: drive is actually pointing to the intended location?
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    CodeBlox wrote: »
    If you do a "net use" does it show that the U: drive is actually pointing to the intended location?

    Yes it does.

    lsud00d: I'll try that Monday. Thanks.
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    Is Offline Files enabled? We had W7 connection issues to shares via dfs that way. Not sure how things are setup for you. Also, verify that gpo doesn't have the trailing "\" at the end, as I have found that causes issues also.
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