Hello everyone, just starting my CISSP / IT Security journey!

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So I just wanted to say hi to everyone on the forum. I will be digging into all of your threads and wisdom to prepare for the CISSP this year. I would like to thank everyone in advance for all of the posts I will be learning from, and I apologize for all of the soon to be posted questions I am sure to ask.
Currently, I am an admin and have worked in the IT professional world for 8 years (though unprofessional experience and general nerdiness started when I was in grade school). I also have 11 years of National Guard / army experience, which I noticed has a lot of similarities (100,000,000 risk assessments and counting in my life). A lot of security has always been my second "hat" and just used good judgement in implementation of policy and procedure. Currently, my company is possibly looking at some changes. Most people are scared, but I want to use this as an opportunity to succeed and break into IT Security as a full time position.
My current path looks more like a mad scientist's chalk board. I started this last week by taking and passing the Sec+ (881 of 900 in 25 min). Currently I hold the A+, Server+ and Net+ as well. I wanted to next work on a few certs simultaneously. Here is my plan so far:
1. ITIL foundations (i figure it is a quick kill and helps with business terminology)
2. CCNA / CCNP (I have a decent foundation in Cisco and i should probably polish up and get the certs already - also maybe add the -security addendum on to it)
3. CISSP (will be reading, watching and living this in my off work hours and want to take my time to really grasp the information - i get the feeling there is no cramming for this one)
4. GIAC certs - I like the engineering as much as the policy work, maybe more (open to suggestions for which ones work well with the CISSP)
5. PMP - between the military and IT work, I self voluntold my way into more projects than I can count, it's time to get this one done as well.

I would be open to any and all suggestions, criticisms, etc... and look forward to the journey. I would like to get #1-3 done in 6ish months and #4-5 done by 2014.
Again, Hi everyone. Thank you all for posting a wealth of info for us noobs


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    I wouldn't work on a few certs simultaneous. CISSP,GIAC, CCNP certs as you know require their own dedication. If you're awesome enough that you can pass each test after a month of study then that's kudos to you but definitely don't spread them out over 3 months and take them in one action packed weekend.

    The jump from CompTIA to ISC is basically comparing a 3 inch shack made out of legos to the burj khalifa. The tests are harder, the costs are higher, the knowledge pool is wider, and being rewarded certification is tougher. I would definitely focus on it first (alone), then go for 5, then 2, then 4.
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