ISP Routed addressing to loopback adapter

PiotrIrPiotrIr Member Posts: 236
Just wander if somebody could tell me if following solution is possible and if so if this is good practice.

I’ve got from ISP routed public IP addressing and in normal scenario would use router and firewall so:

ISP ---> ---> Router 1 ---> ---> Router 2 –NAT (firewall) --->

Now is it possible to use following solution with only one router? Or maybe there is much better way to use one router in the scenario?

ISP ---> --->Router1 Int1 ---> ---> Router1 loopback int –NAT (firewall) ---> Router1 int2 --->

I hope this is clear if not please let me know so I will try to explain it better. I just wonder if this solution has any disadvantage and if somebody could give me example configuration.

Thank you


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