Passed ICND1 !

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Scored an 862, very happy. Some tricky questions.

I used Boson Netsim / Exam Sim - Netsim was O.K, could have been alot better but was great to provide already predefined lab sims.

Boson Exam Sim was great, I would recommend it 100% to prepare you to get into that test mode, and than study the terms you do not know.
CBT Nuggets - Excellent videos rewatched these before test.

Odom ICND1 - Too dry. TMI, I thought. I made notes on entire book, and barely glanced back at them.
An old Lammle Edition - Great to fill in blanks from Odom.

Forum help was superb, thanks.

For ICND2, what material is recommended?
Odom was so dry, I am pretty sure I want to avoid that. Plus the exam sims from Pearson Vue were downright horrible.

I am definately watching CBTNuggets ICND2, purchasing Boson Exam Sim for ICND2, and most likely purchasing the Net Sim for ICND2.

For reading material you think Lammles book would be fine?



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    congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats !!did u mean the boson exam cd which came with the odom's book?how much did u score in the practice tests?I wish to take th exam end of this week but still don't know if i am prepared
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    I received a pearson vue CD with Odoms book. Had to purchase Boson exam
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    I always recommend the Odom books. Though they may be dry, they are full of all the details you need to know. No skimping for the purpose of enjoyability!
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    Congratulations matey!

    I stuck with Odom's books. There's no such thing as "TMI" - the knowledge is better than the pass. They are a little dry but if you read and take notes, even if you don't read them back, it's going in.

    FWIW, I take notes about everything I read - I never ever read them again. I just find if I write something down, I remember it.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on the pass. That is a good score.
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    Congrats! Keep up the momentum!
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    Congrats! Keep Pushing!
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    congrats on pass
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    Congrats to you! That's a great score.
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    That is a great score! Well done!

    Now buckle down for ICND2!
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    Congrats get that ICND2 soon!!
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