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Hello all,

I have been studying for the Security+ exam for awhile now and have been reading the posts here, the study guides, etc. I plan on taking the test the last week of August.

My question is, what is the best practice test software for those on a budget? i spent all of my money on the training books and now about to fork over the rest for the exam (with a voucher of course).

I bought the Exam Cram Practice test book and am VERY disappointed in it due to the fact that the engine marks you as incorrect but highlights your answer as the correct one or vice versa.

I am looking into Prep logic. I have the demo version from the Exam Cram book and it looks to be ok. I just dont want to spend that much if it stinks.

I am TERRIFIED of the exam after seeing that so many fail the first time around. Thanks for any insights you may have.
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  • TURTLEGIRLTURTLEGIRL Member Posts: 361 practice test software comes cheap. Invest in maybe 'Learnkey' or 'CBT Nuggets'. I found the Sybex books good and good old faithful Tcat's guide.

    Good luck :D:D
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    I have both Sybex books (2nd edition and fast pass) and the practice tests on the CD doesnt seem to be that good, but the flashcards are great.

    I just wanted to know if anyone has purchsed the prep logic test for the security+ test and if it was good or not (guess i couldve said that originally, huh?) icon_lol.gif

    Thanks again for all of the people who post on here (and webmaster himself) and give their 2 cents on how and what to study. It has helped TREMENDOUSLY
    Mark Twain

    “If I cannot drink Bourbon and smoke cigars in Heaven than I shall not go.

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