When to use straight through and cross-over?

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I may sound stupid but I am a bit confused about straught through and crossover cable connections

I know that to connect like devices like swtch to switch or router to router we use crossover cable and to connect dissimilar devices lke router to switch we use straight through cable.
Other than that to connect PC to a switch do we always use straight through?
How about connection to hubs?is it considered same as switches?
And for servers..i.e,from switches to a server or router to a server what kind of cable is used?

Please help to clear my doubts!


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    There is a good thread on this already:


    Basically, like devices use a crossover, with the addition of PC to router.

    Everything else is straight through.

    PC's and servers are the same thing, just bigger.

    Switches, hubs, bridges, repeaters - for cabling purposes are all the same.
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    dont be confused just remember that

    same devices use cross over like router and router, router and pc, hub and switch or in other meaning we can say those devices with same functionality.
    straight through for different devices like router and switch, pc and switch so on.
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    To remember this, switches and hubs send data on pins 3+6 and receive on pins 1+2
    Whereas PCs,routers and WAPs send on 1+2 and receive on 3+6.
    That is why you should use a cross over cable between like devices and a straight cable between unlike devices.So for example between a switch and a hub you need to use a cross over cable.It is all in the pins.Once you understand this you will never forget.As a foot note it may not matter that much in the real world because many devices will auto sense and logically do some electrical magic to make the cable suit the purpose. Although to be honest it is best practice to not rely on this to work and btter to use cables as they are intended.
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