need help configuring

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my assignment is this:
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Connect S0/0 in CoreR and S0/1/0 in R0 via Frame-Relay, while using R1 as the Frame-Relay Switch in-between.
Create the following VC's between CoreE and R0:
1. VC to connect between DLCI101 in CoreR and DLCI100 in R0
2. VC to connect between DLCI201 in CoreR and DLCI200 in R0

now, we've never assigned a Frame-Relay switch in class (part of the assignment is seeing if we can use the internet to figure out stuff we don't know)

since i don't have the run config with me i was wondering if anyone would be willing to explain what's needed to be done, the result we got was "inactive" while checking "show frame-relay pvc". if giving us the entire solution with commands included is too much to ask, an explanation of what needs to be done minus the commands will do, we'll try to figure it out from there.



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