VMPS in 640-802

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Hi all,

I am currently studying for a Network+ exam, to give me a better grounding for re-taking my CCNA next month. In the Network+ course book there is a small piece on VMPS / Dynamic VLANs. I do not recall seeing this in the recent CCNA topics. Has Dynamic VLANs been removed from the 640-802 exam topics?


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    I've only come across it in 6500 series Cisco gear so I think it could be something beyond CCNA level knowledge. I also don't recall going over it for the N+ exam although I did a different version to what you are currently studying.
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    Thanks TehToG. I don't think its in the N+ exam, it was just a small paragraph in the book that took me by surprise.
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    It's one of those things that it's good to be aware of though. It's a simple enough concept but don't expect to go into any depth. It could be a wrong answer on the multiple choice section of the CCNA so if you're unsure it could help you narrow the right answer.
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    VMPS isn't actually tested in any of the exams other than knowing its a server which allows a switch to query what VLAN it should assign to a port when a host connects to it. As far as I can tell, the SWITCH (CCNP) exam would ask you no more than this.

    Plus, 802.1x is what the really cool kids do to dynamically assign VLANs to ports!
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