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Do you all think that if i cram for network+ i could pass with 5 days of studying. I have my A+ and i took a ccent class in highschool, most of the things seem pretty easy to me. So if i used exam cram and did practice questions for about a week do you all think that i would be able to pass?


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    this was the older version (probably about 6 years ago), but i had signed up for the network+ class online through my local community college. i waited until the last weekend, crammed the entire class in 2 days, and passed the certification test on monday.

    is it possible? yes.
    are you going to retain anything? not really.

    but seeing as you took a CCENT class already, you probably already know most of the material
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  • swisschris104swisschris104 Member Posts: 109
    Yeah i know alot of the material but was not sure if it would be like ridicolusly hard as my professor tries to make it seem
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    I agree with fivedollarcouch. You can pass but study 24/7 and do as many practice test as possible.
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    Yeah is might be possible

    Problem is there are a 1000 plus things to memorize
    And they only test you on less than 100

    You cant know which 100 will be on the test so you just have to know them all

    The hard ones if you ask me are the ones involving problem solving
    And the pick the best answer ones, when there could be two answers with one being the best
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    I say yes. It will be challenging but if it's something you want to do, I wouldn't let anyone talk you out of it.

    It reminds me of a woman that loved to write and envisioned writing a novel. A professor was highly critical of her creative works for a class and threatened to fail her. She would have lost her tuition if he failed her. He said he'd pass her as long as she never took another one of his classes and abandoned writing altogether. She agreed. Years later, a screenwriter prompted her to write if she wanted to write and she penned "Romancing the Stone" which became a blockbuster movie.

    Some people have told me that they read a Security+ book over the weekend and took and passed the Security+ exam on Monday. I couldn't do that but some people can. And if some people can, why not you. You might like to check out some Network+ practice test questions here: Get Certified Get Ahead | Free Network+ Practice Test Questions Objective 3.3 and Network+ blog topics here: Get Certified Get Ahead | Network+.

    Good luck.
  • swisschris104swisschris104 Member Posts: 109
    All of you were right. I took it today passed 889/900. That link helped me prep for test thank you
  • JayBliskJayBlisk Member Posts: 182
    @swisschris104 Nice! Congrats bro!
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