Uh-Oh, dodgy ebay purchases!

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I think I may have just been burned by an ebay purchase.

I bought a 3548 catalyst switch from ebay...it powers up but I can't get in the console port. I've tried all the baud rates I can think of. I've tried holding the mode button down, but I'm not quite sure when to let it go - anyway, that just seems to make it get angry and freeze.

If I connect it to one of my routers, the ports come up. A show cdp neighbors detail let's me in on the little secret of the IP address it is hiding. Bad news is there's no password set, so I can't telnet in.

Anything I can do, or is it one for the bin and some bad feedback?
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  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    First off, why would you buy a 3548?!

    Possibly a bad console port. If you reboot while connected do you get anything at all?

    I assume you have verified the console cabel etc working on another device.
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  • iamme4evaiamme4eva Member Posts: 272
    Ha. I bought it because it was dirt cheap. There's probably a lesson for me in there somewhere. I intend on getting 2 x 3560's, but they are expensive and I only have one 2950 at the moment. I want 4 switches, so I figured two 3560's, my 2950 and any other switch.

    I get nothing at all. The lights all look good, but nothing at all from the console port. The console cable and everything is fine, I'm using it on the rest of the lab as we speak.
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    Are you sure it didn't say "for parts/not working" in the heading?

    Sometimes, things are sold "as is" and the seller might even say they haven't tested the item.

    At least you didn't buy a power supply. I don't like it when they post power supply or interface card links inter-dispersed with full switch links :D
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    Have try changing the speed setting? It may have been reconfigured.
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