Do you run openSUSE and if so KDE or GNOME?

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I am currently focused on the CCNA, however I did install a version of openSUSE on virtual box and chose GNOME. I noticed the book uses the KDE interface.

Any preferences?


PS So far I find openSUSE easier on the eyes than Ubuntu.


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    N2IT wrote: »
    I am currently focused on the CCNA, however I did install a version of openSUSE on virtual box and chose GNOME.

    I'm currently running OpenSUSE 12.1 64-bit GNOME on my home laptop. I would have much preferred 12.2, but I didn't have an ISO handy to burn an install CD from.
    N2IT wrote: »
    PS So far I find openSUSE easier on the eyes than Ubuntu.

    It's a matter of personal taste, but I usually prefer the more serious looking OpenSUSE preferable to the cutesy, Mac-wannabe Ubuntu.

    Didn't care much for OpenSUSE's implementation of KDE, but it might be passable if I got stuck with it. I much prefer using GNOME or LXDE with OpenSUSE (LXDE is so light and fast it's ridiculous).

    OpenSUSE 12.2 has smoothed over so many rough edges it's not even funny. You fire it up, and it almost looks from boot like a desktop OS that you could have paid $200-300 for.

    As for Ubuntu, I like the way they fixed Unity in 12.10 such that it's not as obnoxious to navigate, but I probably won't go near it again until the next LTR (13.04?).
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    At work we run CentOS 6 with Gnome/KDE. I prefer Gnome. After playing with it for awhile I just didn't like the KDE feel. In fact I only know of one person in our office who uses KDE over Gnome.
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    I'll chime in on the KDE side. Back when I was using OpenSUSE I found KDE much pleasanter to work with. GNOME has way too much of a Mac mentality for me.
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    I run openSUSE 12.2 as my primary desktop outside of MAC OX. I prefer the KDE over GNOME. I have heard that GNOME is faster on boot up time than KDE. But the time is takes for SUSE to but in general is crazy fast. In my opinion KDE is much more eye-appeling and its much easier to find what I am looking for.

    Then again I am mostly in the shell. :)
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    I use SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) at work but use shell for everything so desktop environments don't matter to me ;)
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    Is there a real advantage to using a desktop environment? I've never really bothered learning either, I recently upgraded from twm to fluxbox as my window manager and it seems to suffice for my needs.

    @n2it - if it's about the eye-candy - I think the choice of window manager is probably going to be more important than the desktop environment. When I was looking to pry myself away from twm, the choices seem endless icon_smile.gif and I settled for fluxbox (thanks to the suggestion of folks on TE) because it was most like twm and extremely light-weight.
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    A matter of personal preference. I do however prefer the KDE interface on OpenSuSe.
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    I use Gnome and I really like the look of it. I think that KDE is a little too playful.
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    I use Centos as an desktop with Gnome. Never really liked KDE but some do. Do a virtual box for both KDE and Gnome and see which one you like best.
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